About Us

CAT 773 Radiator

Jimmy Parbery, Company Director with overhauled CAT 773 radiator

INDUSTRIAL RADIATORS LTD was formed in November 2010 when Jimmy left Heat Exchanger Services that he had previously set up with his brother. Jimmy began servicing heat exchangers in the UK in 1988 and set up in business in New Zealand in 1998.

His hands-on experience aquired over the last 23 years means he has developedĀ  a unique understanding of technical expertise and product knowledge of all types of heat exchangers.

Jimmy is experienced in running the workshop, training his staff and consulting with customers. Jimmy’s expertise means he and his team atĀ INDUSTRIAL RADIATORS can offer customers experience, quality and value for money.

The use of State-of-the-Art equipment allows provision for first class service and top quality workmanship.

INDUSTRIAL RADIATORS prides itself on full consultation with customers throughout the work process and our ability to solve problems.