I have been a customer with James ever since he became established in New Zealand.
In 1988 there was no-one who could manage the size of radiators we have in the mining
industry, nor was anyone able or willing to turn them around in the same timeframe as
it took to change an engine out. I have been impressed with his ‘can-do’ attitude and his
ability to work within the tightest schedules and delivery times… even to the point of
direct delivery to site if transport is going to be a problem. I have not experienced any
deficiency in work quality nor required any rework where Industrial Radiators have been
involved and will continue to utilise and support their services for this industry.

CLIFF WEBB- Group Maintenance Manager, Oceana Gold Limited NZ

Many Thanks, Was surprised by how inexpensive repair actually was, as had been quoted $3700 for genuine part from one company and $3200 to build new by another, so will be recommending your company and services to all my business associates

GRANT MATHESON- Marahemo Holdings Ltd

Hi Jimmy,
Thanks for a great job repairing our Cat D4 7U radiator. It deserved a
birthday present as it was built in 1953 and has done very well over that
time considering it’s been leaking water most of the way!!
I can’t believe it actually, once it was back on the machine I filled it
and ran it for a while and I haven’t had to top it up since. That’s
unbelievable for us, as we usually carry a 20 L container of water
I found Industrial radiators online, and had no previous connection or
recommendation with Jimmy and the team. So it was with slight hesitation
that I sent a piece of treasure from Hawkes Bay to Christchurch. However
having spoken to Jimmy first and hearing his confidence, learning of his
experience, and can do attitude, I figured it would be in safe hands.
They seemed to get onto it almost immediately and it was returned shortly
afterwards looking like it is brand new.
I’m really happy and can thoroughly recommend Industrial Radiators to
So I look forward to another season of giant discing with the old girl and
its annual visit to the CHB show antique tractor display.

ROSS McCORMICK– Hawkes Bay New Zealand